What Are Best Practices for Subdomains and When to Use Subdomains

Read this article and find out what are the best practices for subdomains and when you should use subdomains! Find everything you need to know!

A lot of people would like to know the answer to this question – are there any best practices for subdomains or subdirectories and which one is the most suitable for SEO.

You need to know that subdirectory is preferred for SEO, but that does not mean that you should not use subdomains as well. It always depends on various factors, so it is better for you to consult with your web hosting service provider or domain registrar to see whether it is better to use subdomain or subdirectory. In the meantime, we are going to present you the best practice for subdomains.

So, the simplest way to create a subdomain would be to create it in cPanel and then install WordPress to that exact subdomain. You can install WordPress via Softaculous. After creating the subdomain in cPanel and installing WordPress, the subdomain would resolve to a folder in the public_html file. You can choose either you want to install WordPress on a subdomain or on a subdirectory would be just as easy as creating the location and then installing WordPress.

When it is Suitable to Use Subdomains and When It is not

We are going to present you a few possible situations when you should use subdomains and a few more when you should avoid.

Mobile Friendliness – The subdomain approach can be a suitable way of offering a mobile-friendly experience to your website visitors.

Limited-Use Content Management System – The truth is that many websites are built with a specific purpose in mind and the subdomains can be the best way to add something new to the website. Tools such as CMS or content management system and MAP or marketing automation platform are valuable as they help web administrators, marketers, and developers organize their websites such as an OS helps users manage the phone or computer.

Localization – There are many companies that operate in multilingual regions. When companies expand into new countries that often means growing into a new language. In other words, every page from your website should be translated in each language. You have a few options you may use from a website architecture point of view – you can use different domains, you can use different subfolders or you can use different subdomains.

Here are a few reasons why you avoid using subdomains:

  • The subdomains may cause an organic search destruction – The truth is that search algorithms have changed so today websites and web pages are identified in a more comprehensive way which means that possibility for a search query to produce multiple listings from the same website is low.
  • The subdomains may send your visitors to the wrong location – If a certain subdomain appears in Google results or other search engine results instead of a relevant web page that is fully optimized for conversion, it may send your visitors to the wrong location.
  • Corporate blog subdomains – If you decide to add your corporate blog as your subdomain you should know that your visitors will read the content from your blog and they will never visit your website. This is a mistake that you don’t want to do as you will lose a certain amount of visitors for sure.

We recommend you to approach your website strategy with a certain plan in mind.Sometimes it is better to use expired domains. But don’t make rash decisions and consult with experts in order to determine whether or not you should use subdomains.



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